See, we TOLD you there was a death panel in Obamacare...

"But we were told we could KEEP our Doctor..!"

Mark today's date in your calendar:

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - The US Supreme Court rubber stamps the destruction of the American health care system.

The ONLY option left...
No longer good enough in the land of Obama
As if we don't have enough to worry about, the Feds have decided to regulate ALL public pools in America:

"President Obama's Department of Justice -- led by Attorney General Eric Holder -- has found a new way to make the Americans with Disabilities Act pay off for Democratic trial lawyer campaign donors.

Since the ADA first became law in 1990, the DOJ has been issuing "guidelines" that businesses must follow to comply with a multitude of the nation's civil rights laws.

In September 2010, the DOJ issued guidelines for "recreational facilities," including a new rule that all public access swimming pools must provide a lift capable of moving disabled patrons from their wheelchairs into the water.

Compliance with the rule requires pool owners to have a lift for each "water element" in their facility. So if your local community pool also has a spa, both the spa and the pool must be "accessible." But if you have two spas, don't worry, only one lift is required.

In fact, most people in the swimming pool industry thought that one portable lift would be enough. Pool owners claim they were led to believe that, as long as they had one device that could be wheeled out whenever someone needed help getting into or out of a pool or spa, there would be no need intrusive permanent fixtures.

On Jan. 31 of this year, DOJ granted the industry's call for a clarification: But it was not the answer they wanted. All 300,000 public pools in the United States must install a permanent fixed lift. The deadline for compliance was last Thursday, March 15. Call it "Poolmageddon."

There is no way all 300,000 pools could have installed permanent lifts by last Thursday. There simply are not enough lifts in existence or enough people who know how to install them, according to industry spokesmen. Plus, each lift costs between $3,000 and $10,000 and installation can add $5,000 to $10,000 to the total.

So what happens when a disabled individual checks into a Holiday Inn and finds no lift at the pool? The Obama DOJ has said it will not be enforcing the new guidelines right away. That means no fines from the government, for now.

But the ADA also empowered citizens to sue businesses that are not in compliance with DOJ guidelines. The result will be a huge payday for enterprising trial lawyers everywhere.

"The enforcement is going to be by litigation," said Kevin Maher, senior vice president of governmental affairs for the American Hotel & Lodging Association. "A lot of drive-by lawsuits against business by law firms that are set up file to file spurious ADA claims."

Besides being expensive and impossible to install in time, permanent lifts are also a health hazard. Most hotel pools do not have a lifeguard and kids can access them unsupervised.

The permanent lifts will be a magnet for children to play on, and because they are not designed for that, odds are good that some will get hurt. But then again, each injured kid is just another payday for trial attorneys.

By the way, trial lawyers gave President Obama more than $45 million in 2008.

Have a nice summer."

Conn Carroll is a senior editorial writer for The Washington Examiner. He can be reached at ccarroll@washingtonexaminer.com.

The joys of Obama never end. 
What happens with four more years of this????

We keep wondering why the Obama administration would pursue policies detrimental to job creation and economic recovery. In reading some documents from the past we think maybe we found the answer in FDR's "Annual Address to Congress", January 11, 1944: 

"We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. “Necessitous men are not free men.” People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made." 

Perhaps this is what he meant when he spoke of "fundamentally transforming America"?

The "President" responded to the serf's complaints about high gas prices today in Florida:
"Only in politics do people root for bad news and they greet bad news so enthusiastically," he said (speaking about Republicans) in a combative speech at the University of Miami. "You pay more, and they're licking their chops."
"The defiant rhetoric came after days in which the White House has worked to get off the defensive over high gasoline prices, insisting that Obama has done everything he can to bring those costs down." 

Uh, would that be things like rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline? A project that would not only provide millions of barrels of oil to the US market, but 
"...would put 13,000 people to work building the pipeline and 118,000 spin-off jobs “through increased business for local goods and service providers.” - Forbes, 1/28/12

Or maybe he means shutting down oil production in the Gulf of Mexico?
"After the BP oil spill, Obama shut down all offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, idling 78,000 jobs and cutting off billions of dollars of tax revenue to state and local governments in the Gulf Coast region.
After U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman found the Gulf moratorium without factual basis, Obama lifted it, granted no permits, then reinstated the same moratorium.  The same judge then found the second moratorium illegal and held the administration in contempt of court for ignoring the first order." 

He wants us to look at his words, despite his actions... 
"Obama said there were "no quick fixes" and "no silver bullets" to solve the situation and called for a "sustained, all-of-the-above" approach to develop domestic energy..."

...but it's not just oil Obama hates:

"A recent study by the American Consumer Institute concludes that coal, natural gas, nuclear, transmission infrastructure, and even renewables were among 351 energy projects delayed or canceled by Obama.  These projects represented 1.9 million jobs and an investment of $1.1 trillion." - HumanEvents.com

The "Great Leader" continued:
"Obama assured Americans that he feels their pain, saying the rise in gas prices "hurts everybody" and "means you've got to find even more room in a budget that was already tight."

Well, not HIS budget of course. Remember that Michelle and the girls are off skiing in Aspen, only a few short weeks after returning from holiday in Hawaii. In Obama's Amerika it's only the little people who suffer.

Holidays in Paradise!
Whew, vacationing is SO tiring...
Just to keep all this in perspective, let's go all the way back to....2008.

Just wait until summer...
You might have heard the news today that a “researcher” at UCSF wants to severely restrict the use of sugar in our food and beverages. We have been waiting for the first shoe to drop since Obamacare was passed in 2009, and now it has.

One of the chief dangers of government run healthcare is that they will take an interest in everything you do and everything you consume. You see, if I am responsible for paying for your healthcare, there is no way I would let you have a poor diet, or would let you participate in risky activities. Because with the government running things it is no longer you who are responsible for your health but all of us.This basic concept was absent from most of the lively debate about Obamacare when it took place. From the story:

“A spoonful of sugar might make the medicine go down. But it also makes blood pressure and cholesterol go up, along with your risk for liver failure, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Sugar and other sweeteners are, in fact, so toxic the the human body that they should be regulated as strictly as alcohol by governments worldwide, according to a commentary in the current issue of the journal Nature by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).”

So now, as step number one on the way to the all encompassing nanny-state, a researcher in San Francisco, no surprise there, says that he thinks sugar is so bad for us they: 

“...propose regulations such as taxing all foods and drinks that include added sugar, banning sales in or near schools and placing age limits on purchases.”

It then makes perfect sense that rather than let everyone make their own decisions about what to eat and drink, because we all see how that turned out, the government should step in and decide for you. Because we are all, of course, nothing but children to be taken care of by our betters in Washington, D.C.

If you are curious about where this leads look no further than New York City, that shining example of paternalism led by Papa Mike Bloomberg, who cares SO much for his serfs, I mean citizens, he has implemented a ban on trans fats, and is pushing a ban on the use of salt in restaurants. He also pushed for a ban on buying soda with food stamps.

As the nations do-gooders get into full swing, expect to see bans on butter, meat and cheese, as well as on various “unhealthy” or risky activities like skiing, sky diving, riding motorcycles, and scuba diving.

Of course, they will ignore the number one killer of most people in the 20th century - their own governments.

Yes, one of the 99% lives here...
We all know that Hollywood loves a protest movement. Some have come out in support of the “Occupy” protests. We would call this move “hypocritical” at best, as the following is a list of the 25 richest celebrities supporting the Occupy Movement (Source: Celebrity Net Worth)

1. Yoko Ono - $500 million
2. Jay-Z - $450 million
3. David Letterman - $400 million
 (tie) Stephen King - $400 million
5. Russell Simmons - $325 million
6. Sean Lennon - $200 million
7. Mike Myers - $175 million
8. George Clooney - $160 million
9. Brad Pitt - $150 million
 (tie) Don King - $150 million
11. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) - $145 million
12. Jane Fonda - $120 million
 (tie) Miley Cyrus - 120 million
14. Al Gore - $100 million
15. Roseanne Barr - $80 million
 (tie) Deepak Chopra - $80 million
17. Kanye West - $70 million
 (tie) Dan Rather - $70 million
19. Alec Baldwin - $65 million
 (tie) Matt Damon - $65 million
21. Tom Morello - $60 million
  (tie) Mia Farrow - $60 million
23. Katy Perry - $55 million
24. Michael Moore - $50 million
  (tie) Susan Sarandon - $50 million

Total: $4.1 billion

What’s even more enlightening is that there are a number of foreign-born celebrities on this list.

Roseanne Barr inadvertently called for 13 of her fellow multi-millionaire celebrities to die when she said this:

“…I believe in a maximum wage of $100 million. And if they are unable to live on that amount of that amount then they should, you know, go to the re-education camps and if that doesn't help, then being beheaded.''

Our favorite loathsome celebrity, Alec Baldwin, supports the Occupy movement while at the same time getting paid to endorse Capital One Bank.    


Just one of many new laws Californians will have to deal with in 2012:

"California also became the first state in the nation to require a prescription for obtaining any drug containing dextromethorphan, an ingredient found in many popular over-the-counter cough suppressants, including Robitussin, NyQuil and Dimetapp.
The law was prompted by a spike in the use of cough syrup as a recreational drug.

That should go over really well with parents of small children who can go through Robitussin quite frequently during cold and flu season. WELL DONE SACRAMENTO!! 

We'll add that to the list:
- plastic bags
- toilets
- standard light bulbs
- Happy Meals
- water for the central valley
- burning real wood in your fireplace

Attention Arizona and Texas, get ready, there are more of us on the way!

Yes you are...

Obama Voter
From Althouse:

"The Tea Partiers tend to be older and have spent a lot of time paying into the system. They resent paying for handouts. The Occupy Wall Streeters resent not getting them.

And their definition of greed is not merely wanting to keep your own money, but resisting when others try to take it from you."

A Very Simple Message...