Apparently Warren Buffet, foolish Obama supporter, doesn't practice what he preaches.

He wants all oof US to pay higher taxes, but as for him…not so much. While he relishes writing a bigger check to Leviathan every year, it appears he has great difficulty actually writing the check.

The latest report has him owing nearly a BILLION DOLLARS in back taxes. Yes, a billion.

Anyone who makes $62 million a year has no business telling me I should pay more. I have no problem with his success, or with his making $62 million last year. Bully for him.

The money shot:
"Warren Buffet is no different from the other liars and frauds orbiting Barack Obama.  His hypocrisy just runs billions of dollars deeper.  When it comes to “shared sacrifice,” you do the sacrificing, and they do the sharing." - John Hayward, Human Events

Mr. Buffet
, sit down, shut up, and pay what you owe, you effete, self-agrandizing boob.

Smug Tax-evading Billionaire Obama Supporter
As the President travels all around the country begging,,,uh, asking for Congress to pass his "Jobs" bill, some astute observers are asking their own question. "Mr. Obama, your party has the majority in the U.S. Senate, why haven't you just asked Mr. Reid - D (USSR), who leads the Senate, to put the bill to a vote and pass it?"

So this week we hear from little Dickie Durban - D (North Korea) that, well, you see, we, um, we, uuuuh...don't have the votes to, uh pass, ummm, the bill. HAVE YOU HEARD THIS ANYWHERE?
They don't have the votes in their own party!

So the next time you hear some Democrat or reporter (but we repeat ourselves) complaining that the Republicans are holding up Zero's bill, just remember exactly who it is holding up his agenda.

Hat tip to Mark Levin

Retired multi-millionaire and ex-Google executive tried to be oh-so-cute with the Big Zero at a silicon valley campaign stop, oh, I mean “town hall meeting” last week. Doug Edwards, who is enjoying the really good life as an evil rich person, tried to pretend to be one of the great unwashed, saying he is “not working”, implying that he has suffered the same fate as millions of Americans in being laid-off or otherwise losing their job.

Sir, you should be ashamed of yourself. That is an insult to all those who lost their job through no fault of their own.

He then says he is “voluntarily unemployed”, twisting the knife in the fresh wound of all those who are "involuntarily" unemployed, or in oldspeak, fired.

Then the millionaire boot-licker begs for his taxes to be raised. What a tool.

We don’t begrudge Mr. Edwards his fortune, in fact we wish we had the foresight to go to work for the internet start-up back in the early days. We applaud his daring to leave his secure job at the San Jose Mercury News to go work for a new search engine when there were already several big-boys up and running: Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Ask and Excite.

So our complaint is not that Mr. Edwards has made his fortune, but that he prostrates himself, while basking in a life of luxury, and asks that the federal government take more, not only from him, but from all.

Neal Boortz says it better than we can:

Now before we get to Obama’s answer, let’s talk about the question itself.  If Doug Edwards is “unemployed by choice” this must mean that he doesn’t pay income taxes.  It’s hard to have taxable wages when you aren’t working.  We must assume, then, that when Doug Edwards asks for his taxes to be raised, he is talking about capital gains taxes.    

Here’s the big secret for people like Doug Edwards.  Well … apparently it is a secret, because these footstools don’t seem to realize this.  The Treasury Department accepts checks.  You don’t actually have to OWE the IRS money to write a check to the Treasury Department.  If you feel so inclined, you can simply take out your check book and write away!  Any amount will do!  One dollar?  Fine!  One million dollars?  Knock yourself out!  You don’t have to ask Dear Ruler to raise your taxes .. you can set your own tax rate!  The tax rate quoted by the IRS is a minimum!  There is no maximum.  You can even borrow money to pay over 100% of your earnings if you care to!  So just DO IT AND SHUT THE HELL UP!  

Now Mr. Edwards doesn’t have a history of being cheap, in fact, since 2000 he has contributed $300,000 to political campaigns. All of it to Democrats. And his former employer Google is #5 on the list of biggest Obama contributers at $814,000 during the 2008 presidential race. So it is interesting to see how Mr. Edwards and Chairman Zero pretend not to know each other.

See if you’ve heard this somewhere before:

I would like very much for our country to continue to invest in things like Pell grants, infrastructure, job training–programs that made it possible for me to get to where I am. It kills me to see Congress not supporting the expiration of tax cuts that have been benefiting so much of us for so long.”

We find it interesting how he parrots the exact talking points spoken by Ms. Warren in the past week while acting like he just showed up at the event at the "invitation of a friend" (his words, not ours). Maybe if he funded a few Pell grants with the $300k he contributed to politicians, we’d be better off.