Everyone's favorite Marxist was in sunny Hawaii stumping for a nationalized banking system and a massive push for voter fraud and campaign disruption this fall and started ranting about how bad we have it here in America. You know, a country where an unknown college student could never create a new company and become a billionaire in only 7 years (oh wait, that happened). Oh, you know, where a minority from a broken family could never become President (oh wait, that happened too). Oh wait, where a college dropout could become one of the worlds richest people (damn, wrong again).

Well, we'll just have to take Van Jones' word for it that America is a bad place. In his words:

“Not the American dream they talk about on TV,” Jones said. “There are two American dreams. One of them I call the ‘American fantasy.’ You know that one? Everyone is going to be rich. Everybody. And we're all going to be able to ride out to the great white suburbs, get a McMansion, get flat-screened TV to cover up the holes in our lives. That is the American fantasy, which is turning out to be the American nightmare. It is dying out on its own accord - it deserves no defense and it will get no defense. I am glad that is going away. That was not serving anybody.”

Jones called out the people he called “dream killers in America” and “dream killers right here in Hawaii.”

 “There are people who have taken the American dream and turned it upside down, inside out. The dream is supposed to be that you can work hard, play by the rules and get somewhere. But you and I both know right here in Hawaii, and across America, the people who are working the hardest and following the rules are the ones who are being left behind, the ones who are suffering the most, the ones who are hurting the most. And yet some people who are not working that hard at all, their investments work for them.

So Mr. Jones, don’t you think they might have worked hard to make enough money, take enough risk, to be able to have their investments work for them? Well, you smug Marxist? Isn’t THAT really the American Dream? To work hard and make enough to retire and have your investments work for you? 

So you have just revealed that your true hatred is for the American Dream itself…just like your progressive buddy in the White House.