From LATF99P.com comes this reaction to a 99percenter posting:

"vckl,fxcdefdfkl,dc fczd sl,.fdl;…. sorry. I had to beat up my keyboard a little bit.  Why would you…    How does…… You’re 20 years old… How did….

God damnit, don’t you realize that you made absolutely retarded decisions for your life and now you’re having to deal with the consequences?!?!?!  Just because you decided to have sex the rest of us are now required to pay for your offspring?  This social contract seems quite unfair sometimes.

I sure do hope you’ve learned what birth control is by now.  My only fear is that you’ll realize those welfare checks get bigger when you have more kids.  You need to take some birth control advice from the hooker a couple of posts down or something.

It’s like I’m watching Idiocracy in real life.

You…. YOU personally are the person fucking up this country.  It’s not the 1%.  It’s YOU.  My wife and I have been waiting to have kids until we get stabilized.  Meanwhile, us taxpayers are paying for your kids.  I can’t… I mean…. How the fuck do…. aldfjhavph9qhpgphhqvhjqawjg-0vaw7ph9vahpd!!!!!!!

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Hat tip to: LATF99P.com



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