Apparently Warren Buffet, foolish Obama supporter, doesn't practice what he preaches.

He wants all oof US to pay higher taxes, but as for him…not so much. While he relishes writing a bigger check to Leviathan every year, it appears he has great difficulty actually writing the check.

The latest report has him owing nearly a BILLION DOLLARS in back taxes. Yes, a billion.

Anyone who makes $62 million a year has no business telling me I should pay more. I have no problem with his success, or with his making $62 million last year. Bully for him.

The money shot:
"Warren Buffet is no different from the other liars and frauds orbiting Barack Obama.  His hypocrisy just runs billions of dollars deeper.  When it comes to “shared sacrifice,” you do the sacrificing, and they do the sharing." - John Hayward, Human Events

Mr. Buffet
, sit down, shut up, and pay what you owe, you effete, self-agrandizing boob.

Smug Tax-evading Billionaire Obama Supporter


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