Just one of many new laws Californians will have to deal with in 2012:

"California also became the first state in the nation to require a prescription for obtaining any drug containing dextromethorphan, an ingredient found in many popular over-the-counter cough suppressants, including Robitussin, NyQuil and Dimetapp.
The law was prompted by a spike in the use of cough syrup as a recreational drug.

That should go over really well with parents of small children who can go through Robitussin quite frequently during cold and flu season. WELL DONE SACRAMENTO!! 

We'll add that to the list:
- plastic bags
- toilets
- standard light bulbs
- Happy Meals
- water for the central valley
- burning real wood in your fireplace

Attention Arizona and Texas, get ready, there are more of us on the way!



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