President Zero took a break from golf long enough to stop by New York City on November 30 to check on the progress his administration is making in creating new jobs…oh, wait, it was just another campaign event. He made some remarks while at a private residence shilling for campaign cash. Among his remarks were this little gem:

“Along the way, in addition to preventing a financial meltdown and preventing a second Great Depression, we were able to pass a historic health care bill that's going to make sure that 30 million people have coverage.”

Now wait just a darn minute! I thought Zero’s health care “reform” was supposed to solve all of the nations healthcare problems and provide coverage for everyone? You, know, the 47 million folks we were told didn’t have coverage because America is an unfair unjust country? What the heck happened to the other 17 million?

So it turns out that we went through all of that and STILL didn’t get everyone covered??? Where is the media on this one?

But that’s not the only head scratcher. He apparently has a very different opinion about what makes America great. Now, we think that most people, when asked “what is it that makes America great?”, would say something like “our ingenuity” or “the fact that we’re free to use our talents the best way we can”.

But the President has a different opinion. Apparently America is great because the government confiscates your money and spends it on stuff:

“Their view is that less regulation, a shriveled government that is not doing much for people in terms of giving them a ladder up into the middle class, that that’s their best vision; that we don't invest in science, that we don't invest in education, that we don't invest in infrastructure and transportation -- all the things that made us a great power,”

So the guy who is supposed to represent all of us believes that we are a great nation because the government spends money on “science” (whatever the hell that means) and education and roads.

Yeah, that’s it.



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