Remember the Presidents' grueling midwestern campaign bus trip 2 weeks ago? You know, the one he took as a means to get "back in touch with the little people." Well not only did we, the taxpayers, pay for the two custom made Presidential buses (made in Canada by the way), but he didn't even ride in them for more than an hour or two at a time!

According to several sources, our fearless leader FLEW from city to city, only to land and get aboard the bus at the airport. And even more outragious, the buses were not driven to meet up with him, but WERE FLOWN AS WELL.

Via Redsate: "So good news America! If these reports are true, then not only do you get the pleasure of having a $1.1 million dollar bus carting the President around to “enlist” voters to fight for his reelection, but you get to marvel at the hypocrisy of an administration hell bent on destroying industries with carbon footprints too large for comfort, while they themselves are flying entire caravans of SUVs and buses in giant 747s flanked by fighter jets."

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