It has been said many times that the current administration is the first in our history to have a Chief Executive who, along with the current Cabinet and staff, belive that Americans are the problem. David Harsanyi at Reason Magazine ( has a great article in which he describes this very thing:

        "The romance is gone. But don't worry. It's not him; it's you.

        It turns out we are the ones who failed Him. We weren't prepared for a mega-dosage of awesomeness. 
        We were too dimwitted to grasp the decency of central planning. And the insistence of troublemakers to engage in 
        debate and vote, in fact, is the most serious threat to this nation's future."

And from the President himself:

        "Obama himself blamed the volatile stock market on the "prolonged debate over the debt ceiling...where the 
        threat of default was used as a bargaining chip." So it's not the job-killing policy or another $4 trillion of debt in two 
        years that's problematic; it's the insistence of elected officials to represent their constituents that's really killing America."

Not ot be left out, one of his minions in the Cabinet chimes in:

        "Following the lead of the Environmental Protection Agency, Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently used this 
        imagined "dysfunction" as an excuse to try to unilaterally implement comprehensive education "reform" by bypassing 
        law and using a waiver system. Why? "Right now," Duncan explained, "Congress is pretty dysfunctional. They're not 
        getting stuff done."

And THIS guy is in charge of making the public schools better

        Hate to break the news to you, Arne; for many Americans, stopping this administration from "getting stuff done" is getting 
        stuff done."

Read the enitre article. If you're smart enough for it.



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