We'll be honest with you right from the start.
We didn't listen to the President's speech.
We didn't have to. It was billed as a speech about "saving or creating jobs". It was really all about saving Obama's job.
But a President who has NO experience in the private sector, who has never held a position where he had to meet a payroll, or hire and fire employees, has nothing to say about creating jobs. Because he has no clue. He is an empty suit when it comes to the economy and job creation.
He has nothing of substance to say about it because, as one of our favorite commentators says, "You could take everything Obama knows about the economy, shove it up an ant's behind, and it would rattle around like a marble in the Superdome."
(Niel Boortz)
And it isn't just the President. His Cabinet is filled with like-minded people who come primarily from academia, where all of our job creators come from (that was a joke). Just look at the makeup of his cabinet when compared with other Presidents:
So why exactly are we supposed to believe anything this guy or his advisors and Cabinet say about how to get us out of this mess? Right, we're not. So we don't.
What time is the game on?


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