As the President travels all around the country begging,,,uh, asking for Congress to pass his "Jobs" bill, some astute observers are asking their own question. "Mr. Obama, your party has the majority in the U.S. Senate, why haven't you just asked Mr. Reid - D (USSR), who leads the Senate, to put the bill to a vote and pass it?"

So this week we hear from little Dickie Durban - D (North Korea) that, well, you see, we, um, we, uuuuh...don't have the votes to, uh pass, ummm, the bill. HAVE YOU HEARD THIS ANYWHERE?
They don't have the votes in their own party!

So the next time you hear some Democrat or reporter (but we repeat ourselves) complaining that the Republicans are holding up Zero's bill, just remember exactly who it is holding up his agenda.

Hat tip to Mark Levin www.marklevinshow.com



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